Hailing from Lower Hutt, New Zealand, Fallen Order play Metal of the heavy kind. They have been performing live since 2005, but their line-up was completed with the addition of Hamish Murray in 2007 and Kieran Gallagher in 2009.

Combining a strong dose of ‘80s Metal with the influence of a few modern day defenders of the faith, Fallen Order bring their own sound to the table while remaining true to the elements of traditional Heavy Metal. Although steeped in tradition, the unique Fallen Order sound is characterized by powerful baritone vocals, Bulgarian-tinged drum fills, fast fingered bass lines and the harmonized riffs and solos of the twin guitar attack.

After completing numerous New Zealand shows and having shared the stage with such great international acts as Dragonforce, Korpiklanni, Lord & Vanishing Point, Fallen Order released their debut EP ‘The Age of Kings’ on Stormspell Records in 2014, which gathered great reviews from around Europe.

Fallen Order stand together at the forefront of New Zealand Heavy Metal and with the production of their debut full length album under way and a NZ/AUS tour set for this November, Fallen Order are poised to lead the charge into late 2015 and beyond.

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